About Us

Be Anything But Ordinary
Deuce and Cake is a reflection of my husband and me; quirky, awkward, dry humored, and at times a walking contradiction. We are not meant to fit in any one box so let's create our own. Our apparel and accessories represent three things: Making a statement, creating dialogue, and being true to one’s self. 
Our Essence
We encourage the 'Stay True and Be You' attitude. It's all about fostering your own taste and individuality.
Our Vibe
As long as you are confident in what you do, what you say, and how you look you can be unstoppable. We were taught at a young age to think outside the box, follow your own path and not others, and do what feels right to you and for you.
Our Promise
Fashion is an ever changing business and in that spirit we will continue to grow and evolve. We will always offer great discounts and promotions, mobile shopping, and excellent customer service. We will continue to develop new retail partnerships that will allow us to serve more customers with fresh, fun, and eclectic apparel and accessories. We make a concerted effort to select items made in the U.S., and eco-friendly materials in the U.S. Style changes. Trends change but our commitment to happy and satisfied customers will never change.